Voluntary Counselors Kenya, (VCK) seeks funds to help the community in Maasailand have access to domestic farming that will allow them to train and become self-reliant. We have provided clean water in the community where they had lacked clean water for the past 15 years. The water borehole was funded by a well-wisher and since this is a pastoralist community, we need to train them to earn their living through farming.

There are now no more 4am walks to look for water pans to collect contaminated water that steals productive working hours and causes disease. This has also created an increase in the enrolment and retention of pupils in school by eliminating the need to leave the area with livestock during the dry months.

Background and Justification:
The locals collected their water from nearby unprotected water pan or walked 10km to a hand-dug well. It also wasted productive time because of walking for hours in search of water. The heavy cost of the project has been completed; drilling the borehole/deep well went successfully. The water tower and tank with storage, piping, has been done. There is water now and VCK make three trips per year to go and feed the community there with dry foods.
Now, the virgin land needs to be used to produce a better livelihood for the community.

Project’s Goal:
Provide domestic farming
Kajiado community land reclamation, upgrading and food sustainability for Health development.

Project’s intended benefits:
Increase food security by providing agricultural projects. Increase quality of life for the residents of Indoinyo community.

Estimated number of people who benefit from this project: 3,500